It has been over a year since Cooper came into my life and I wanted to say thank you. At times I didn't know how he would turn out but anybody that has ever had a dog and tried training it themselves can tell you that. Kevin, some people say that a good Pedigree is the start to a great dog, and I believe that you and your family have that going on at Raven Road Kennel. I Hope you are still in business when I plan to purchase my next dog in the future, because I couldn't be any happier with Cooper that I am now as the picture shows. Once again thank you and keep us the good work. Kevin Brent


Extremely happy to report 'Jax' has turned out to be just as good a dog as 'Teeka'. We had that very rough first week, but everything has been great since then. 'Jax' has definitely found his place in our home and we couldn't be hapier, as you know would happen. We are bringing him to the trainer for his first bird chase this coming Wednesday and will decide if he's ready for training in January or if we need to wait. Thanks for putting up with our temporary insanity wehn we first got him and wanted to convey our complete satisfaction once again! Thanks for another great dog! Chad and Kim Nelson


We just wanted to write and say Thank You for a wonderful dog! We are absolutely in love with 'Val', she really fit into our family perfectly. Josh just said the other day that we couldn't have asked for a better puppy. She is so loving, minds very well and trained easily. She just completed her first hunting training in Glencoe and will do another this spring, did a great job. She is also a hit a the Vet's office and has gotten perfect puppy check-ups every time, they always comment on how pretty she is. Here are a few pictures for you to see how she looks today. She loves her old brother, 'Steve', especially because he can keep her warm with all the fur when they are waiting to come in for outside. Thanks again! The Babcocks


We just wanted to let you now that our first eight months with 'Eddie' couldn't have been better. He has been a major part of our lives since day one. 'Eddie' is with us everywhere we go and gets lots of interaction with all kinds of people, dogs and even a few cats. He turned six months on hunting opener and his first season of hunting was a success, he pointed and retrieved birds for Doug and his friends. 'Eddie' is a great dog all around and is often referred to as the "perfect" dog in our house, but don't let that fool you, he gets into his share of trouble. We couldn't be happier! We have attached a bunch of pictures from 'Eddie's' first eight months with us. Hope you enjoy them. Doug and Lindsey Curtis

'Vinton's Boot Lake Jack'

This is 'Vinton's Boot Lake Jack'. We adopted her from you about four years ago. I am sorry that I haven't sent pictures sooner. I looked at her today and thought about how beautiful she is and how important she is to our family and figured maybe you would like some pictures of a wonderful character that you helped bring into our lives. She is in the house - outside - in the car - goes on vacations and is just a wonderful dog. Every night she sleeps in bed with my oldest son. I just wanted to say think you for the opportunity to add her to our lives. Paula Venton   


Bailey turned out to be one heck of a hunting dog (4.5 yo, Paris 2008)...besides hunting pheasants, she also takes on many other critters as well. After fighting a coon in a creek bottom on opening day this year, she managed to find, and take care of, this stinker on Sunday. Her skunk kill is now up to 4 in her career...she truly is one heck of a hunting dog so I have to just take it all in stride.  Anyway, I thought you’d get a chuckle out of the pic, she made it about half way back to the truck before she dropped the dead skunk, vomited, then started rolling around to "de-scent" herself...it didn’t work:)  Happy Hunting  - Rich Stuhr,  Shelby, IA