German Wirehair Pointers

Welcome to Raven Road Kennel - the home to German Wirehair Pointers!

Raven Road Kennel is owned and operated by Kevin & Julie Studnicka, assisted by our daughters Justine and Maddie. We are a small family business dedicated to breeding a family member first and a great hunting partner second.

Kevin has been hunting upland game for 40 years with his first hunting dog a Brittany Spaniel. As the Brittany began to get older he decided he wanted a dog that was easier to spot in the field and was willing to hunt all day long. We purchased our first German Wirehair 25 years ago and have been hooked ever since. You will find that our dogs are bred for an excellent temperament and are very quick learners. These dogs have the desire to please their owners and become very much a part of your family. They get constant handling by our family before they are turned over to the customer. We look forward to doing business with you and hope to put a smile on your face when you leave with your new puppy!

If you are looking for the best hunting dog that has been created, then you are looking for a German Wirehaired Pointer. These dogs will make a great hunting companion, maintain a strong point, retrieve, track and are easily trained. They are a dog that will hunt all day and are very versatile, which is demonstrated by their love for the water as well as tough terrain. Did I mention that will also work close with their hunting companions? We expose our pups to water early on and have the ability to introduce to wild birds as we are surrounded by 30 acres of Pheasant Forever Land in our backyard. They have a high energy level, intelligence and air to please their owners. Raven Road Kennel provides championship lines throughout!

Please take your time navigating our website and if there is any information that you can not locate, please feel free to email or call us anytime at 952-873-6802 or 952-292-7361.